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The Coffeehouse Sessions closed

(Now at Kenton Station Mall)


Howdy Woovillians, Friends, and Neighbors. Please allow me to introduce you to our newest venue for bluegrass music here on the Banks of the Ohio. On the 3rd Saturday of each month my pickin' buddy, Keith and myself (TUCKAHOE) will be hosting a Bluegrass Jam. It will take place at The Daily Grind Coffeehouse in the heart of downtown Maysville. Pickin' hours will be from Noon to 5 PM. The first session was a rousing success with many fine pickers in the house, with the likes of Darry and Bob, The Nipper Brothers, Mike and Pat, The Feagan Brothers, etc. to help kick off the series. Plans are to try and continue the series year round as long as we can keep up a good level of involvement. The faces may change from month to month and hopefully on occasion we can attract some special guests. Plans are to also have a mailing list to keep you informed of upcoming jams. Anyone wanting to add their name to the mailing list can email me at nhopwood@maysvilleky.net. So come on out and join the fun!.......Mayor

The Daily Grind
229 Market Street
Maysville, Ky.
3rd Saturday-Noon-5pm

The Feagan Brothers.........The Nipper Brothers

Randy "G-Run" Barger.............Hoppy

Kenny and Elliott

Jamin' It Up

Gerald and Hoppy......Kenny

Pat on yet another instrument

Grandpa and Alexis.....Martha and Alexis

Wooville Chronicles
Wooville Welcome Center