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Peddler's Mall Sessions


In May of 2010, our friend Emma gave up the lease on the Daily Grind Coffeehouse, which left our jam in limbo. Do we hang it up or do we look for another location to hold our monthly jam. We decided to take the summer off and see where it leads us. Then Dan Thompson called and asked if we would be interested in setting up our jam at his newly created Peddler's Mall / Flea Market. So in September of 2010 we started phase 2 of our monthly jam. Some of the same faces along with some new faces, now converge once a month at the Kenton Station Peddler's Mall. We are now in our sixth year of Bluegrass Jammin', here on the banks of the Ohio. Our jams have not been without roadblocks and turmoil along the way. Our friend Don Cornett passed away shortly after making the move to the Peddler's Mall, Darry had a massive stroke that he has miraclessly struggled back from, his brother Bob is now confined to a bed by the window, and our buddy Archie had a heart attack while in Myrtle Beach with the Bluegrass Strangers. Still we keep pickin' along. We must be a pretty tough bunch, but more so, We Love Bluegrass Music!

Kenton Station Peddler's Mall
825 Kenton Station Road / AA Highway 9
Maysville, Ky.
3rd Saturday 10am-2pm


Wooville Chronicles
Wooville Welcome Center