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Slop Jar Blues Session


History of the Slop Jar Blues

The history as I know it, of the Slop Jar Blues goes like this:

Circa 1972

My friends and myself where not long out of high school and hanging out as a rock and roll band, called Big Bear. I was the roadie and sound guy for the band, Biggin' was my best bud and he played bass, and Ernie, also a great friend, played guitar. Big and Ernie found a book of World War I marching tunes and found this song. It was just the chorus and no verses, in which they put a melody to and blues'd it up with some twin lead guitars and it became a crowd favorite. The song lasted through several reincarnations of Big Bear and off shoot band, Uncle John's Band. And in years to come, local bands were still playing this song in all the local bars.

Fast-Forward 25 years:

One night while hanging out at one of my local haunts and listening to some live rock and roll from some local boys, they tore into the Slop Jar Blues,...still bringing the house down!! At the time I had started to learn guitar and started dabbling in songwriting. I wondered if I could write some verses for this song to dazzle my friends with around the campfires, while traveling the bluegrass festival circuit. More than once I've been known to tear into the Slop Jar Blues at 6 in the morning at a bluegrass festival and live to tell about it.

Fast-Forward another 10 years or so:

I've finally lost my mind...On a hot sunny August morn, I convinced some really good friends of mine to accompany me out in the boondocks, to do a video shoot of the Slop Jar Blues. What fun we had! I got all gussied up in my red long-handles and bowler hat, I look like I had just stumbled from the bunk house and found the slop jar in the front yard and with my Hillbilly Band, we once again give you the Slop Jar Blues. [N. Hopwood]

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