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An Evening at The Ole Barn

The Ole Barn is a 100 year old barn in rural Northern Kentucky, near the community of Mt. Olivet. Owner, Steve Pugh moved the barn further away from the highway and renovated the structure with metal siding, while keeping the interior’s rustic décor. What once was a hay and tobacco barn was now transformed into a Saturday night bluegrass and gospel music hall for local and regional acts. The Ole Barn seats about 100 with plans to expand in the future if the need arrises, and Steve is making plans to add air conditioning for the upcoming summer. The Ole Barn is strictly a family establishment with no alcohol being served and customers are welcome to step outside to smoke. Concessions are served and they boost of having the “best hot dogs in the country”. Often you can find Pugh himself performing with the house band, the Licking River Band. For more info call Steve Pugh at (606) 742-5016.

Panhandle Grass

Licking River Band

Panhandle Grass
Wooville Welcome Center