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Spontaneous Combustion Ignites In Wooville

Festival of The Bluegrass

Kansas City, Missouri's Spontaneous Combustion made their first visit east of the Mississippi River at the 2000 Festival of The Bluegrass and it was our good fortune to have them spontaneously combust in our Wooville camp. Before their early evening set on the mainstage, the group made their way to Wooville for a preview and to attract some more fans for their portion of the show. Most of the Wooville camp made their way to the stage area to lend some much deserved support to this band of newcomers to our part of the festival circuit. Unfortunately, I found myself engaged in other matters at the time and didn't know what all the hoopla was about. That all changed around 2 am Sunday morning when Spontaneous Combustion ignited in Wooville. It was a sight to behold! The sounds coming from our camp attracted all of our neighbors within earshot as well as all the Wooville camp as nearly 60 people gathered around to listen to this high-energy, totally polished band of bluegrass musicians. I don't know when I've ever seen such an entertaining group and to have them perform Live at Wooville is what bluegrass memories are made of. Spontaneous Combustion performed a complete set along with 2 encores, one of which was an a cappella number as fine as you'll hear ANYWHERE. The pines swelled with energy as the band played on. Fiddler, Marvin Gruenbaum was on fire as he brought all the wooville women to their feet. Man does that guy know how to work a crowd! After the music had ended, the guys hung-out awhile, chatted and shared in the Wooville spirits. Can I Get WOOOOOO!!!!!! Before departing camp the guys inquired as to who was in charge at this camp. HA! Well as a simple twist of fate, I found myself in the role of Wooville mayor, a title bestowed on the most unwilling (or is that unwitting) soul. So I was summoned to come meet with the band. As a token of their appreciation for our hospitality, I was presented a copy of Spontaneous Combustion's latest CD, Where There's Smoke and a fine project I might add. I was flabbergasted! All this fine pickin' and a free CD too! Once word gets out that the mayor gets free CD's, next years mayor's race could turn real ugly.
Spontaneous Combustion departed Wooville having garnered many new fans and made their way back across the mighty Mississippi and made it home safe and sound. How do I know this , you say? Well, when I finally made it back home, tired and weary from a week in the pines and started sorting through my over 600 email messages that had accumulated during my week long absence, I noticed an email that caught my eye. The email titled We Made It Home was from Spontaneous Combustion's guitar picker, Roger Eilts, who logged on to check out the Wooville page and to thank us for our hospitality in welcoming newcomers to our bluegrass world. To that I say,"No, Thank You for helping create bluegrass memories to last a lifetime". Anytime you find yourselves in our part of the world, our doors are always open.

Spontaneous Combustion fans,
The Folks From Wooville

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