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Wooville-The Next Generation

The kids have long been a big part of our Wooville family, even during the early years on hippie hill. My daughter, Carol attended her first Festival of The Bluegrass at the tender age of 7, and FoB 99 finds her fresh out of college and embarking on a new phase of her life. Sarah Whitney spent her first festival in the womb and just turned sweet sixteen at this years happening. Ronnie is a new Mom and Grandpa says Jacob is the prettiest baby in the world. Where have I heard that before? We missed "Critter" this year with that head full of red hair. I think Joe missed him too, but he'll probably be back next year. Wooville was crawling with the wee little ones this year with Lauren, Tate and Wes all making their presence felt. Michael brought a guitar this year, but I think that was to impress the chicks. Guitars always impress the chicks. There's others. Mary Elizabeth will never have to share the spotlight with her older sister, for she is a darling in her own right. Chris stopped by long enough to show off the new "doo", but those raging hormones had him seeking entertainment in a different direction. He'll be back sooner or later. Denice stopped by with her new young'un, but unfortunately I missed her visit. There's just no place like a bluegrass festival to turn your kids loose, give them some freedom, and watch them forge new friendships and learn some social graces to boot. To the next generation of Wooville let me say I hope your lives are filled with friends, music and memories of Wooville summers. NH

Stay Tuned......

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