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Ode To Wooville

by Bill Foster

There once was a picker from Wooville
Who attended the WOB down in Louisville
Up all night he stayed, as he played and he played
This picker who came down from Wooville

He attended the trade show on Monday
And stayed for the Fan Fest thru Sunday
Tho he got little sleep, for this do not weep
For he slept thru the next week til Friday (?)

His fingers were sore from a-picking
But his heart like a lion kept ticking
From Monroe to Flatt, bluegrass' where it's at
"To this kind of music I'm sticking".

Then he got back to ole bgrass-l
Where comments and froth are from hell
From Bangs to the Ghost and the Heavenly Host
With his friends, once again, he is well.

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