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Sally Was A Goodin'

If you Google Panhandle Grass the first description you would find is that Panhandle Grass is premium Kentucky Bluegrass grown in the Panhandle regions of Nebraska and Florida. That said, the Panhandle Grass Bluegrass Band plays the premium Kentucky Bluegrass of Bill Monroe, which grows in fertile musical grounds around the world. In our case, that would be the panhandle region of southern Ohio where our band was first formed. As much of our repertoire consist of the music of Bill Monroe, it just seemed fitting that our name reflects premium Kentucky Bluegrass. Hopefully the bluegrass seeds we sow will continue to grow and produce a bumper crop of bluegrass music worthy of being called Panhandle Grass.

an Evening at The Ole Barn03-13-04

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Hot Pickin' and Fancy Fiddlin'

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