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Remembering Matt Paul

Renfo Valley, Kentucky
January 5, 2002

Matt Paul Wright was kind, friendly, and just an all round good guy who dedicated his life to the music he loved so much. With his radio show, his MC work and as a promoter of his own bluegrass shows, he was truly a friend of bluegrass. This couldn't have been more evident than with the support shown from musicians and friends alike at the benefit show given in his honor on this beautiful January day in Renfro Valley. Matt would have been proud!

Kirby Knob Boys

The Moron Brothers

Lost and Found (now with Scotty Sparks on guitar)

Dave Evans and Riverbend

J.D. Crowe and New South (now with Aubrey Haynie on fiddle)

John Cosby and The Bluegrass Drifters

The Rarely Herd (now w/Shane Bartley on mandolin)

Wendy Miller, Harold Nixon, ????

(The New and Improved) Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek


David Marshall and Friends......................The Pride

Autumn Haze

Wooville Chronicles
Wooville Welcome Center